Getting prepared for the arrival of a newborn is an overwhelming as it is exciting. There is a lot of products and equipment that you would have to buy in order to prepare them in to this world comfortably. This includes setting up a nursery with basic supplies, clothes, feeding equipment as well as transportation of the baby from one place to another. The basic guide listed below will help you get started on the most essential items initially.

Buying the Baby Crib

One of the first items on the list of baby products to buy will be a durable crib. Apart from durability, ensure that it meets the necessary safety requirements and standards issued by the relevant Product Safety Commissions in your country or the US. In case you go for a second hand crib, you can still check the safety standards and ensure that the crib meets with the updated requirements. An added tip is to consider getting a convertible crib so that you can turn it in to a crib once the baby gets older.

Diaper Changing Station

While some parents may want to go for a changing table altogether, there is also the option of purchasing a changing pad where you can fix it on an existing table or piece of furniture. The important part is to make sure that you have a comfortable place with all the necessary items close by when the baby needs a quick diaper change. Keep the station stocked up with diapers, wet wipes, baby powder and any ointments if necessary. It is also useful to have a diaper pail close to the changing area. A tip for most new parents to know is that quite often a baby will go through at least 8 to 12 diapers a day so having them readily in stock is vital. At first, you may want to try out different brands of diapers to check which one works best with your baby.

Buy Age-Appropriate Toys

It goes without saying that buying toys which are age-appropriate is essential as it will prevent from accidents taking place. Most toys are designed for different ages and for a new born baby, it is likely to use a crib mobile or noise rattlers to hang on top of the crib to keep them entertained. A music box is also a great toy for keeping a baby fascinated. For ages 3-6 months, stuffed animals, rattles and soft board books are ideal while for babies over 6 months, balls and toys that make noise are more entertaining.

Purchasing Baby Clothes

Infant clothes are labelled in months of the baby when it comes to sizes. Since babies grow rather quickly, it is useful to buy some clothes in different sizes as you don’t want to run around the store constantly buying baby clothes. Look for baby clothes that are soft and are made of breathable materials and not with laces or tassels that can also be a choking hazard. Zippers and snaps are also easier to put on that fastening buttons.

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