Picking toys for your children can seem like a simple task until you get around to actually buying them as there are many factors that you must consider before buying it for a child. While safety is a key factor, it is also essential to think about its durability, pricing, educational value while being fun of course. Different age groups require different types of entertainment and one that is suitable for a toddler will not appeal to a baby. Most toys are often designed to suit different ages and are categorized accordingly; however even so this can make it a challenging task to pick a toy due to the variety of products available. To make things easier, we have listed out some factors that may be useful for you the next time you go toy shopping for children.

Choosing Stimulating Toys for Babies

At the early development stage of the baby, it is best to choose toys that are engaging and stimulating to the senses. For example; toys that are brightly coloured, different textures or have various sounds such as squealing or rattling noises. Plush toys are also great for babies especially ones that have attractive features such as large embroidered eyes or colourful clothes. In addition, toys that allow babies to push buttons for lights or sounds in them are also popular options.

Tactile Toys

For some ages between 1 and 2, children are constantly trying to explore their surrounding and are very curious; selecting tactile toys at this age would be a good option. These include colourfully illustrated books made of cloth or paste board, or unbreakable mirrors or even water toys. Choosing toys that allow them to mimic the activities around them will also help bond with adults and be a part of the surroundings. For example doll houses, tea sets, workbenches or tool kits are great for older children.

Musical Instruments

Babies love noise and love to make noise too and playing some form of music helps them to learn cause and effect and love music as well. Some musical instruments that are popular with babies are drum sets, xylophones and keyboards which are easily available in most toy stores. Guide them on how it works and before you know it, they will be on their own making beautiful music.

Interactive Tips

For children between 2 and 3 years of age, think about letting them get some hands-on experience to stimulate their thoughts with toys, crayons and art and play dough. A doll house or brightly coloured books are equally stimulating. Moreover, these are great ways to keep children entertained indoors. Skill-building toys are often for ages up to 5 years as kids this age most often like playing with clay, stencils, battery-operated toys and so on. Jig-saw puzzles and musical instruments will also keep them entertained and engaged.

Outdoor Play Toys

An active lifestyle outdoors for children typically means toys such as a sandbox and its toys, sidewalk chalk, self-driven cars and wagons, sprinkler toys. These are great fun and can have the family enjoying themselves along with the kids.

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