The first birthday is such a special occasion for toddlers and their parents. Therefore, choosing the right gift for the child is very important. Here are some ideas that might help you make a smart choice:

Children’s Books

A book is always a sensible inoffensive gift. You don’t have to worry about the price when you are buying a book set for a one-year-old. There are many choices out there too. You can purchase classic bedtime reading books like “Goodnight Moon.” Better yet, choose an interactive children’s book with moving parts and touchable inserts. A book is always an invaluable gift even the parents can appreciate.

Cute Washcloth

Washcloths are essential items for a new baby’s grooming closet. Parents usually buy typical towels. For fun and useful present, gift a lion hooded towel. It would look much different from the drab and boring washcloths the parents have at home. It could double as a toy too. The little boy would love the vibrant colours and the animal shape, naturally.

Bath Toy Kit

Age one is when most babies learn to run outside and get muddy. That means more time spent in the bath. Get the toddler lots of bath toys to play with during these sessions. Bath toys are not just decorative, they have an educational purpose too. Parents would also appreciate having something other than a rubber duckie in the bathtub.

Sensory Building Blocks

The first year is when toddlers start to become truly curious about their world. The little boys would start walking and taking things apart. A gift of sensory building blocks can help them learn how to build things together. Unlike regular building blocks, sensory blocks stick together. These are also difficult to grip for a small child. Unlike smooth building blocks, sensory ones eliminate the most frustrations of using these toys.

Puzzle Kits

Puzzles are great for small toddlers. They can exercise their growing cognitive abilities, which would help them become better learners later in life. Puzzles for toddlers come in vivid colours and big pieces that are easy to hold. Choose an animal or vehicle themes puzzle kit to delight a small boy.

Toy Wagons

One thing that toddlers love to do is run around. A toy wagon would make the activity even better. A toddler can have fun for hours just loading and unloading the wagon, allowing parents much needed me-time. A toy wagon gift would also be highly affordable.

Finger Paint

One-year-olds are too small to start painting. But their creativity is not absent. Get a set of finger paints for the toddler to make art as he likes. Freeform painting is great for stimulating a child’s imagination. Finger paint also keeps kids off the walls. Buy washable finger paint to make the parents love the gift as much as the toddler.

Toy Musical Instruments

Toy xylophones, keyboards, or even guitars are perfect for budding young musicians. A gift like this can last for the rest of the toddlerhood. Who knows, it might even spark interest in music that lasts a lifetime. There’s no better gift to make an impression than a toy musical instrument.

Browse through the above ideas to choose the best gift that matches the occasion and your budget. When in doubt, choose the most functional gift instead of worrying about costs.

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